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Shipping rates

We ship worldwide from Thailand. We offer 2 shipping options: regular trackable airmail (delivery time around 2-3 weeks) and express shipping by UPS/Fedex (delivery within 1 week). Smaller orders less than 4 LP’s are cheaper to send by regular airmail. However bigger orders UPS/Fedex shipping cost becomes lower so we ship only by this service in this case.

Actual shipping cost is calculated automatically at the checkout step based on the added to cart records weight. For the approximate shipping rates refer to the spreadsheet below. Please note that the amount of LP’s is approximate and may slightly vary depending on the weight of individual album but in most cases these figures are accurate. List of countries below is just an example and not limited by.

1-2 45’s1 LP2-4 LP’s5-9 LP’s10-14 LP’s15-18 LP’s19-23 LP’s24-28 LP’s29-32 LP’s33-37 LP’s
United States$12$15$25-37$42-52$59-65$70-77$83-89$104-113$118-121$127-132
United Kingdom$9$11$17-26$28-36$60-66$72-79$85-91$106-111$117-123$129-134

There are other shipping options available by request: 

  • Alternative shipping operator. Since Covid limitations times we started to use additional reliable shipping options as alternative to regular shipping by regular post. This we mainly recommended to use for United States. For Europe it’s also possible to ship with this option but it’s not expected to work faster then regular airmail which works fine for Europe. This option is also possible for Canada (should deliver faster then 4 weeks) and Australia (can take 4-6 weeks or faster).
  • TNT. It’s the most expensive and the fastest shipping option. Recommended if you want to have secure and rapid delivery which happens normally within a week. Not working for the big orders above 20 LP’s.